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Entry #5

Firefighter Version 1.2

2014-10-12 19:44:22 by VinceB

Hello again Newgrounds,

I keep recieving feedback on nice improvements for the game so I am back again with another update!

  1. I added medals to the game - I have badges in the game already that were pretty much medals anyway.
  2. I added a retry button to the victory screen - For those who are tempted to try a level again after seeing that there are more badges to collect.
  3. I customized the victory screen based on medals earned - There were two types of messages before. Now there are four. These just inform you of what you accomplished and ways to progress further in the game.
  4. One jump in level 8 is easier - There are a few frustrating jumps in the early levels, but most of them don't get you killed if you fail them. This one did so I took it out.

Give the new version a play here:


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